Cemetery apples

We are developing a great connection with the Ballarat Cemeteries Trust who have graciously welcomed us onto their facilities for the third year in a row. Last week, Leo & a crew picked apples and nashis at the ‘Old’ cemetery, and today a few of us went to the New cemetery to check out apples. … Continue reading Cemetery apples

Nectarine delights

Thanks to Dot for sharing her three nectarine trees last Friday night. Although the ‘haul’ was modest, that isn’t the point… The Hidden Orchard comprises trees large & small, sometimes just a single tree in a backyard. Every harvest is saving fruit from going to waste and getting it to good homes. In this case, … Continue reading Nectarine delights

Plum emergency!

Great work by Trevor and team who rallied to harvest fruit from an overloaded plum that had collapsed at Michael’s place. Although not all the fruit was fully ripe, it’ll be used one way or another, and the chaos of fallen limbs, etc. has all been sorted. We’ll have many other harvests coming up over … Continue reading Plum emergency!


We had nearly 20 people at the Hidden Orchard meeting tonight – with several others giving apologies and letting us know that they are keen to be involved.  Fabulous!  Thanks to everyone who came along; it was a great meeting where we outlined THO history, talked about our vision for the future and shared more … Continue reading Thanks!

Orchardfest success

Big thanks to John & Lesley for being such wonderful hosts at the Orchard harvest this afternoon.  After Jackie, Jen, Barbara, Luk, David, John, Lee, Wendy, Angelina, Bronwyn, Trevor, Josje, Clara, Pepper and myself had braved the European wasps and harvested about 200 kg of fruit, John & Lesley appeared with jars of jam to … Continue reading Orchardfest success


Big harvest coming up this Saturday! We’ve been invited to harvest fruit from a magnificent local home orchard – apples, pears, nashi & quince are ready to pick.  This is a great orchard; well designed, well maintained and no sprays or chemicals used.  We’ve created 15 spaces for the event so it’ll be a fun … Continue reading Orchardfest

Pear harvest

We had a great time last night picking some fabulous Beurre Bosc pears. To fit in with 9-5 workers, the harvest kicked off at 6.30, which gave us just enough time to strip this tree.  The owner only wanted a bag or so for her daughter to stew, so the rest of the pears were … Continue reading Pear harvest

Pear harvest

We’re experimenting with a few early evening harvests, as well as continuing our daytime ones.  This is because a few volunteers work full-time and have asked for harvests outside regular work hours. Next Tuesday, we’re harvesting from a heavily-laden pear tree.  It is dropping pears now so we’d better get to it – and the … Continue reading Pear harvest

Crab apple harvest

What better way to celebrate the first day of Autumn than to climb a tree and harvest crab apples! Over 30 kg of these lovely large crabs were harvested in under an hour.  The homeowners were very happy to see them go to good homes; half went off to Food is Free Laneway and the … Continue reading Crab apple harvest