Pear harvest

We’re experimenting with a few early evening harvests, as well as continuing our daytime ones.  This is because a few volunteers work full-time and have asked for harvests outside regular work hours. Next Tuesday, we’re harvesting from a heavily-laden pear tree.  It is dropping pears now so we’d better get to it – and the … Continue reading Pear harvest

Apple Harvest

2018 for The Hidden Orchard is in full swing! This evening we had an excellent apple harvest with 4 first time volunteers, led by Ellen and Sandy. We spent an hour picking big green apples from a huge tree in Brown Hill, leaving plenty of apples that were out of our reach for the neighbourhood … Continue reading Apple Harvest

Crab apple harvest

What better way to celebrate the first day of Autumn than to climb a tree and harvest crab apples! Over 30 kg of these lovely large crabs were harvested in under an hour.  The homeowners were very happy to see them go to good homes; half went off to Food is Free Laneway and the … Continue reading Crab apple harvest

Here we come!

The harvest season is starting to stir – we’ve had several volunteer inquiries and fruit tree registrations in the last week or so… and even a couple of very small harvests (too small to make them picking events). The THO committee meet last Friday and put a few plans in place for the coming season.  … Continue reading Here we come!

Library talk

Committee member Ellen Burns spoke about The Hidden Orchard to a group at the Ballarat Central Library on Wednesday Dec 20. We were one of a number of community groups sharing about their activities to potential volunteers.  As usual, people loved the concept, so we hope a few jump on the website and register. Continue reading Library talk

Market Day!

Thanks to everyone who bought jam or took fliers at the Ballarat Farmers Market yesterday!  We had a great day up by Lake Wendouree, with loads of jam sales and lots of interest in the project.  Kris & Sandy staffed the stall, with Ellen providing tech support from her adjoining stall and Steve doing a … Continue reading Market Day!

Cook up

On April 3, we held the first Hidden Orchard cook up – turning various harvested fruits into jams, lemon butter & other goodies.  Here are some shots from the day! Thanks to everyone who came along: some jars went home with participants and others may be available for sale as a Hidden Orchard fundraiser at … Continue reading Cook up